HARM-A: A neurobiological predictor of comorbidity and stress reactivity in anxiety disorders

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Dr. Shankman will serve as a co-investigator on Dr. MacNamara’s R01 entitled “HARM-A: A neurobiological predictor of comorbidity and stress reactivity in anxiety disorders,” a project investigating neural indicators of negative valence constructs and comorbidity among internalizing disorders. Dr. Shankman will provide assistance in the analysis and write-up of the EEG and measures of negative valence constructs – central measures of the project (and designs/methods that he has a great deal of experience with). Dr. Shankman will also help the investigative team in the use and interpretation of the continuous version of the SCID diagnostic interview – a validated diagnostic interview in which skip-outs are minimized and yields dimensional assessments of psychopathology. Lastly, co-I Shankman will work with the investigative team regarding the EMA methods, as he is PI on two ongoing NIMH-funded R01s and a recently completed NIMH-funded R21 that each use EMA to study internalizing psychopathologies. Dr. Shankman has a track-record of working with the PI (he was a co-mentor on Dr. MacNamara’s K-award) and his work and expertise is complimentary but synergistic with the rest of the investigative team. None of the proposed work overlaps with any of Dr. Shankman’s other projects.
Effective start/end date5/15/213/31/26


  • Texas A&M University (M2102399//5R01MH125083-02)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (M2102399//5R01MH125083-02)


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