HAWC+ Observations of two Galactic center Molecular clouds: G0.13-0.13 and G359.44-0.10

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We propose to make dust polarization maps of two bright Far-IR Galactic center molecular clouds associated with magnetized radio filaments. One is G0.13-0.13, a quiescent cloud with no sign of star formation activity. This cloud is thought to be dynamically interacting with nonthermal filaments of the radio Arc based on the morphology and kinematics of molecular gas. The other is G359.44-0.10 in Sgr C known to be a star forming cloud with embedded protostellar outflows. This cloud shows a nonthermal linear filament abruptly terminating where the molecular and ionized gas are concentrated. Both sources show the evidence of 6.4 keV line emission from FeI suggesting that both clouds are irradiated by cosmic ray particles. The proposed measurements will determine the geometry of the magnetic field and its comparison to those of nonthermal filaments. These measurements have important implications in properties of the magnetic field in a quiescent and star forming cloud and provide testing grounds for cosmic ray diffusion models of the interacting clouds with nonthermal filaments.
Effective start/end date1/1/179/30/18


  • Universities Space Research Association (SOFIA 05-0037 // NAS2-97001)
  • NASA Ames Research Center (SOFIA 05-0037 // NAS2-97001)


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