HDR DSC: Collaborative Research: The Metropolitan Chicago Data Science Corps (MCDC): Learning from Data to Support Communities

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We propose to establish the Metropolitan Chicago Data-science Corps (MCDC) as a partnership between four implementation universities, a myriad of community organizations, a leading center for advancing learning, and two expansion colleges. The MCDC aims to be a hub in a national effort to strengthen the data science workforce and infrastructure by integrating real-world data science projects into the undergraduate curriculum that turn data into inspiring knowledge and support societal progress. To realize this goal, we will group existing curricula to create multiple pathways that will prepare a broad range of students for participation in an MCDC project course in which groups of students solve data-science problems for and with a range of community partners. Selected students will be then able to be part of an immersive Data science Application for Undergraduates (DAU) during the summer term that would likewise benefit the community partner and society, as well as allow students to acquire data acumen and form a well-prepared engaged workforce. The participants in this proposal combine extensive, proven, funded, and diverse expertise in curriculum development, inclusive learning practices, integrating real-world data into courses, learning systems, data science, as well as in health, social, environmental, and basic sciences.
Effective start/end date9/1/218/31/24


  • National Science Foundation (IIS 2123447-003)


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