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Northwestern University will contribute to the HDR Institute for Data-driven Dynamical Design by undertaking the activities outlined Section ‘Science Objective 3: Ion Transport Materials’ section of the Project Description. Synthesis: Northwestern University (NU) will synthesize new and known superprotonic solid acid compounds as described in ‘Science Objective 3: Ion Transport Materials’. Characterization: NU will characterize synthesized samples using high resolution x-ray powder diffraction to track lattice parameters and degree of order as a function of composition. The conductivity of the synthesized samples will be measured by AC impedance spectroscopy as a function of temperature under controlled steam partial pressures. The transport dynamics will be probed using neutron scattering methods, including pair distribution function analysis and quasielastic neutron scattering. NU will work will computational and data science members of the center to test computational predictions and correlate the measured properties with the results of data-based outcomes and predictions.
Effective start/end date10/1/2112/31/26


  • Colorado School of Mines (402052_5805-005 // 2118201)
  • National Science Foundation (402052_5805-005 // 2118201)


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