High carbon dioxide impairs lung repair

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Dr. Bharat’s academic training, research experience and drive place him in an excellent position for a successful career to become a leading independent investigator. He intends to pursue a career in academic surgery with a strong commitment to basic and translational research. He has demonstrated a passion for research as a trainee at Washington University and since his recruitment to Northwestern University. He has already received the prestigious Gibbon Research Scholarship from the American Association of Thoracic Surgery and a Gift of Hope Foundation grant. His lab has generated four abstracts in national meetings and three manuscripts, currently under review, related to the work outlined here. Dr. Bharat completed a prospective clinical trial and took his clinical findings to the laboratory generating strong preliminary data that led to the exciting new hypothesis that forms the basis for this application. These studies have the potential of improving lung healing and outcomes following lung surgery. The K08 program will enable him to expand his research skills by integrating knowledge from inter-related disciplines and become an independent surgeon-scientist, while finding answers to a major clinical problem.
Effective start/end date8/1/156/2/19


  • National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute (5K08HL125940-02)


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