High power, multispectral, phased arrays based on quantum cascade lasers

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The objective of this project is to develop high power, narrow linewidth, laser sources which can be integrated with UC Davis’ 2-D beam steering architecture. The final subsystem is designed to be multispectral, which requires development of multiple sources for the MWIR_1 (lambda=3.8 micron), MWIR_2 (lambda =4.5-4.6 micron), and LWIR (lambda =6-10 micron) spectral regions. The sources will be based on Northwestern’s unique high efficiency quantum cascade laser (QCL) architecture. Extremely high continuous wave (CW) power output power (>20 W) in each band will be achieved by integrating a tunable seed laser with a variable phase quantum cascade amplifier (QCA) array. The number of array elements will be scaled progressively, along with the output power. Discrete QCL/ QCA chips will be developed and tested in-house to determine power output, beam quality, output phase profile, and an on-chip phase control algorithm. The beam quality objective for each output waveguide is M squared <1.3.
Effective start/end date9/30/171/12/20


  • University of California, Davis (A18-0471-S001//N00014-17-1-2836-1 Amd. 3)
  • Office of Naval Research (A18-0471-S001//N00014-17-1-2836-1 Amd. 3)


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