High-Pressure Elastic Properties of Minerals, Glasses and Superhard Materials

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Goals in 2013-2014 for Yun-Yuan Chang: Yun-Yuan will develop new gasketing methods
and try to reach higher pressures for determination of the bulk modulus of BCxN. Further,
Xiaobing hopes to measure the single-crystal elastic constants (Cij) of BCxN by Brillouin
scattering. Yun-Yuan, who has been supported by CDAC throughout her graduate career,
plans to graduate from Northwestern in the Fall of 2013 and hopes to pursue postdoctoral
research in high-pressure physics at either one of NNSA’ National Labs or a University.

Goals in 2013-2014 for Joshua Townsend: Synthesize OH-bearing post-perovskite at the
NSLS and obtain high-pressure FTIR spectra of sufficient quality to test the H-position
models generated using DFT methods.

Goals in 2013-2014 for John Lazarz: Carry out high-pressure FTIR spectroscopy or singlecrystal
neutron diffraction study of thaumasite to explain how changes in the hydrogen
bonding in thaumasite at high-pressure result in a structure that is twice as incompressible
as the low-pressure phase.
Effective start/end date3/1/135/31/18


  • Carnegie Institution of Washington (4-10469-03 Amd 5//DE-NA002006-0005)
  • Department of Energy (4-10469-03 Amd 5//DE-NA002006-0005)


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