Hippocampal neurogenesis in cognitive function and dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease

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Dr. Geula’s laboratory will provide sections from clinically and pathologically characterized SuperAger and control brains for the proposed studies. The scope of work includes the following: 1. Processing of human brains samples, including fixation and cryopreservation. 2. Sectioning of brain blocks and storage in phosphate buffer. 3. Staining of representative sections for cellular components and pathologic inclusions. 4. Providing unstained sections, fresh frozen blocks, as well as demographic information, clinical information (including results of neuropsychological tests), MRI determined hippocampal volume and quantitative pathological data for the proposed experiments.
Effective start/end date5/15/224/30/27


  • University of Illinois at Chicago (18994-01 // 5R01AG076940-02)
  • National Institute on Aging (18994-01 // 5R01AG076940-02)


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