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This proposed evaluation program in response to Category E – Center for the Evaluation of HIV Prevention Programs in Chicago - will bring together the diverse expertise of researchers and evaluators from the IMPACT Program and the Center for Prevention Implementation Methodology (Ce-PIM) for Drug Abuse and Sexual Risk Behavior at Northwestern University, and from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago (AFC). The evaluation team will take a holistic and inclusive approach to evaluation by addressing client-level and program-level metrics, working directly with funded sites to address any deficiencies, and disseminate findings and best practices in conjunction with sites. Demonstration site evaluation will address three levels of program performance: implementation, process, and outcomes. Each site will be assessed on progress towards intervention launch (within first 3 months), allocation of resources to meet proposed goals, fidelity to intervention and work plan, reach of intervention (number of clients approached and enrolled), and achievement of outcomes identified in the logic models (adherence to medication, reduction in condomless anal sex acts, etc.). The evaluation center represents a new project independent of current efforts in Chicago. We have not applied for CDC funding under CDC-RFA-PS1502, and are only applying for funding under Category E.
Effective start/end date1/1/192/28/19


  • Chicago Department of Public Health (50105365-A // 5 NU62PS924560-02-00)
  • Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (50105365-A // 5 NU62PS924560-02-00)


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