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Over the next 5 years, Northwestern Geriatrics will serve as a training and research foundation for the training of physicians in home care medicine. In partnering with Home Centered Care Institute funding, Drs. Lindquist and Dr. Rowe will serve as faculty in the Center of Excellence (COE). In following years, it is anticipated that Dr. O’Brien and another geriatrician TBD will be added as additional faculty in the COE training programs. To support the educational mission of HCCI in engaging medical trainees in home care, Dr. Sara Bradley will work with the curriculum committee at Northwestern University to facilitate the integration of Home Based Primary Care. In addition, Dr. Lindquist will lead the research arm of Home Based Primary Care at Northwestern supported by Vanessa Ramirez-Zohfeld, as project manager. Ms. Ramirez-Zohfeld will develop protocols for research studies, interface with and obtain IRB approvals, facilitate data collection as required, and manage interim/final reporting with anticipated manuscript production. As the face of Northwestern Geriatrics Home Based Primary Care, Dr. Lindquist will interface with the executives at Northwestern Central and Regional to promote Home Based Primary Care growth as well as National Conferences and Invited Lectures.
Effective start/end date5/1/178/31/23


  • Home Centered Care Institute (HCCI Agmt Signed 07/05/17)


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