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The rise of big data has enabled the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) in the cloud and on edge devices, and is fundamentally transforming the computing, networking and data storage industries. However, existing hardware cannot sustain this rapid growth. In this PFI-RP project we address this challenge by developing a new type of magnetic random access memory (MRAM), referred to as voltage-controlled spin-orbit (VCSO) memory. The project will be led by Prof. Pedram Khalili as the PI at Northwestern University, who will perform experimental tasks including materials development, device fabrication, and testing. The industry partner Western Digital is represented by Dr. Jordan Katine, who will support the project on fabrication of test arrays for statistical measurements, as well as providing insights on transition to manufacturing. Our academic partner is Prof. Nicholas Kioussis (CSU Northridge) who brings in unique capabilities for predictive modeling of spin transport effects, which will be critical for accelerating our device development.
Effective start/end date8/1/197/31/23


  • National Science Foundation (IIP-1919109)


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