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Northwestern will provide the NGSX professional development program for use in the Illinois ISTEM Area Teacher Leader Academy including (a) a pathway on three dimensional learning in NGSS, and (b) a Facilitation Pathway to prepare the Area Teacher Leaders to do professional development, using NGSX on NGSS. Northwestern will design and conduct the 10 day Area Teacher Leaders academy to occur in June 2015. Northwestern will provide the lead facilitators, and the full set of activities and materials for the 10 days. NGSX will conduct pre and post surveys with teacher leaders and will evaluate the growth of the teacher leaders from the Area Teacher Leaders Academy.
Effective start/end date3/1/159/30/15


  • Bureau, Henry and Stark County Regional Office of Education (Agmt 5/27/15 // Agmt 5/27/15)
  • Department of Education (Agmt 5/27/15 // Agmt 5/27/15)


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