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The University of Ibadan and its United States partner institutions, Harvard School of Public Health and Northwestern University, propose the continuation of research capacity building of the Medical Education Partnership Initiative Nigeria (MEPIN) with the “University of Ibadan MEPI Junior Faculty Research Training Program (UI-MEPI-J)”. This program is designed to increase the capacity to participate in and carry out locally relevant research that contributes to improved human health and to foster the next generation of faculty researchers in Nigeria. Junior faculty members will gain enhanced capabilities in research methodology, research management, bioethics training, mentorship, scientific publication productivity and grant writing. The goal essentially is to enhance individual research capacity through structured training and mentored research programs for junior faculty from three scientific areas that address priority health needs of Nigeria while at the same time build upon the existing research strengths of the University of Ibadan. These three areas include: 1) laboratory and clinical investigation of HIV and its long-term complications; 2) genomics of infectious diseases; and 3) neurologic diseases with an emphasis on stroke and seizure disorders. The objectives will be accomplished by institutional level research training for junior faculty through courses and workshops, mentored research training experiences with dual Nigeria and United States mentors, short term focused research training experiences in the United States partner institutions, participation in international scientific meetings and conferences. At least 10 junior faculty will receive intensive training under this program over the duration of the funding period. Additionally, the overall research culture will be expanded and strengthened by development of training programs that will prepare faculty and postgraduate students in the roles and responsibilities of being a researcher and leading critical research projects and proposals throughout the grant process. The outcome will be improved knowledge and skills performance of the next generation of research faculty in high quality biomedical, clinical, behavioral, epidemiologic and prevention research as well as appropriate career development for junior faculty to become the next generation of leaders in health research in Nigeria. This new generation of research faculty will be globally competitive and will be trained to provide solutions to global health needs through high quality research designed, carried out and implemented in Nigeria.
Effective start/end date8/28/157/31/22


  • University of Ibadan (7/225/29/NU-06/NCE // D43TW010140-05)
  • John E. Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences (7/225/29/NU-06/NCE // D43TW010140-05)


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