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Aim 1: Develop manualized interventions for: (a) HIV testing and linkage; and (b) HIV care outcomes among youth age 15-24 years in Ibadan, Nigeria using a combination approach, including theoretically-grounded peer navigation and mHealth components well-supported by the literature. To achieve this aim, we will: 1a. Convene a collaborative working group with community, governmental, and policy experts to support intervention development; 1b. Conduct 4-5 focus groups with key stakeholders (N=25) to elicit feedback on the combination intervention strategy, including young MSM (YMSM), young PLWH, and representatives from community-based organizations (CBOs) serving these youth; and 1c. Draft and then refine the manualized interventions based upon activities in 1a and 1b. Aim 2: Each combination intervention will be pilot-tested for feasibility, acceptability and initial efficacy using a pre-post design. The two interventions are: 2a. Social Media Engagement + Peer Navigation to improve HIV testing and linkage to care among YMSM. This intervention will be considered successful if there is an increase of ≥ 30% in the number of young men completing HIV tests AND an increase in the HIV incidence rate by OR=2.0 in the University of Ibadan (UI) testing site over a 48-week period compared to baseline. We will also assess the number of new cases linked to HIV care. 2b. SMS (via adaptation of the TXTXT intervention) + Peer Navigation to improve HIV care outcomes (retention, ART adherence and viral suppression) among 40 young PLWH receiving care at UI. This will be considered successful if there is ≥ 30% increase in proportion with viral load < 200 copies/mL over a 48-week period (primary outcome; based on blood draw), reflecting an effect size of OR=1.5 compared to baseline. We will also measure improvements in medication adherence (via ART concentration in hair and pharmacy rug pick-up record) and retention in care (via medical records abstraction).
Effective start/end date9/4/208/31/23


  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (4UH3HD096920-03)


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