Identification of new LAT-1 transporter substrates for drug delivery

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Dr. Patrick Kiser and a postdoc in his lab will conduct experiments to determine the concentration of compounds synthesized by University of Nebraska at Kearney in cells provided by University of California San Francisco. These experiments will involve analysis by mass spectrometry to obtain concentration of parent compound after being subject to the conditions of the cell assays. Dr. Kiser will also consult with Dr. Allen Thomas at the University of Nebraska, advising on drug delivery applications for the LAT-1 transporter. He will also advise Dr. Thomas on chemical approaches to improve the bioavailability of prodrugs that are LAT-1 substrates. Dr. Kiser will visit the University of Nebraska at Kearney to give a public seminar on his research once during the time period of the project.
Effective start/end date9/18/178/31/19


  • University of Nebraska at Kearney (17-022-02 Amnd 1 // 1R15NS099981-01A1)
  • National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke (17-022-02 Amnd 1 // 1R15NS099981-01A1)


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