Identifying Critical Cellular Interactions for the Reversal of Inflammatory Bowel Disease

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This project will be a collaboration between Dr. Thea Tlsty and Dr. Stephen Hanauer whose contribution will be to leverage my clinical expertise in recruiting subjects and obtaining the desired specimens for this project. NU staff will identify and enroll 15 healthy subjects undergoing screening colonoscopy at Northwestern Memorial Healthcare , 15 Ulcerative Colitis subjects and 15 Crohn’s disease subjects for this study. Upon enrollment of these subjects, Dr. Hanauer will obtain intestinal biopsies, during colonoscopy. NU staff will process the specimens and ship them to the University of Chicago for the purposes of the experiments delineated in this proposal.
Effective start/end date12/1/1511/30/16


  • University of California, San Francisco (9159sc // Grant No: 2015-956)
  • Kenneth Rainin Foundation (9159sc // Grant No: 2015-956)


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