Identifying the impact of the novel Coronavirus COVID-19 on pregnant women, fetuses, and infants

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Lay abstract: A new infectious disease, COVID-19, is infecting patients in the United States and worldwide. There are a few small studies of symptomatic COVID-19 late in pregnancy showing increased preterm birth. The effect of disease early in pregnancy, after non-symptomatic infection, and long-term outcomes are unknown. We have three aims. 1) Describe the course of infection in pregnant women and the risk factors for severe disease. 2) Determine whether COVID-19 causes problems in pregnancy like preeclampsia, abruption, placental inflammation, and preterm delivery. 3) Determine whether COVID-19 causes problems for fetuses and infants including growth problems, miscarriage, congenital defects, and developmental problems.
Effective start/end date9/1/208/31/22


  • Friends of Prentice (Agmnt 7/28/20)