Illinois Wastewater Surveillance System Services Agreement

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The NU team will primarily be responsible for quantitative analysis and modeling of IWSS time-series data. This will include weekly analysis of trends at each IWSS site, quantification of uncertainties in concentration levels and trends, and correlations to relate wastewater surveillance data to other public health measures for pandemic intelligence. The NU team will contribute both analysis and software for weekly reporting of IWSS results to IDPH and will participate in weekly IDPH briefings. The NU team will improve current IWSS analytical capability for interpretation of local and regional trends in IWSS data. This will include analyzing changes in wastewater trends over short and long timescales, relating local observations to appropriate regional measures at the levels of counties and/or COVID management regions, analyzing relationships between wastewater surveillance data and public health outcomes (e.g., hospitalization, admission to ICUs), and recommending thresholds for varying degrees of public health response based on wastewater surveillance data.
Effective start/end date11/1/221/29/23


  • University of Illinois System (PRESPEND // PRESPEND)
  • Illinois Department of Public Health (PRESPEND // PRESPEND)


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