ImageDePHI: Image De-Identification for the Acceleration of Cancer Research

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Dr. Cooper will provide inputs on the design and implementation of deidentification software and will perform validation and testing of these tools at Northwestern using data generated at Northwestern. Dr. Cooper has implemented software prototypes for de-identifying digital pathology images and will provide this code in the development process. He will advise Kitware on the desired software functionality, assist the team in defining requirements, and will provide expertise on the design of digital pathology image file formats. He will develop and curate a database of whole-slide images containing protected health information (PHI) and will work with Kitware to design, implement, and execute validation studies of the deidentification software using this data. He will also assist with documentation of the software and dissemination of results to the digital pathology and cancer research communities.
Effective start/end date9/16/209/15/21


  • Kitware, Inc (75N91020C0024//K003187-00-S02)
  • National Cancer Institute (75N91020C0024//K003187-00-S02)


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