Imaging of Cerebral Oxygen Extraction Fraction (OEF) in Stroke

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Project scope: The imaging of cerebral tissue oxygen extraction fraction (OEF) and cerebrovascular reserve (CVR) in people with ischemic stroke has recently been highlighted as a research priority by the NIH. There is currently no widely available method for imaging OEF or CVR, even though both have been shown to predict which people are likely to have a stroke. In this Dixon
Translational Research Grant, we will evaluate OEF and CVR using a new type of MRI scan that was developed at Northwestern. We will study a series of patients who have had a stroke or symptoms related to the narrowing of blood vessels in their brain.

Specific goals and objectives: We believe that our MRI scan will be able to identify patients who are likely to have worsening symptoms and even a subsequent stroke in the next 6 to 9 months. To perform this work, we have assembled a team of MRI Physicists, stroke neurologist and interventional radiologist. Because of the large number of patients who come to the NMH with
strokes, our unparalleled research infrastructure and cross- campus collaborations, we are in a unique position to improve the treatment of stroke
through the development of an MRI OEF and CVR scan.
Effective start/end date1/1/1412/31/14


  • Northwestern Memorial Hospital (NMF1312014/Exhibit B.1)


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