Impact of Culturally Aware Mentoring Interventions on Research Mentors and Graduate Training Programs

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Dr. McGee has been intimately involved with the development and initial testing of the Culturally Aware Mentorship (CAM) trainings from their inception through the first NRMN award. He also has been deeply involved with designing the qualitative research survey questions and interview guides, and analysis of the data they have returned. For the proposed U01 he will devote 10% effort (1.2 calendar months) to the project through the following work: 1. Serve on the leadership team for regularly scheduled virtual meetings to discuss research strategies and designs 2. Play a leading role in design of the half-day CAM training for comparison to the full-day version 3. Design of surveys and interview guides to be used to determine the immediate and lasting impact of each arm of the trial 4. Contribute analysis and interpretation of the qualitative data from interviews with participants months after participation in trainings to determine the lasting impacts on knowledge, skills and especially mentoring practices and behaviors 5. At least once annually, spend several days at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, for deeper analysis of data, writing papers, refining research approaches, etc.
Effective start/end date7/18/196/30/24


  • University of Wisconsin-Madison (0000000238 // 5U01GM132372-02)
  • National Institute of General Medical Sciences (0000000238 // 5U01GM132372-02)


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