Impact of ecological park restoration on health in low income neighborhoods: A natural experiment

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Drs. Horton and McDade are committing to do the following work: 1. Study Design: Collaborate on the design of the study and selection of anthropometric and biomarker measurements to assess the effects of park renovations on the health and well-being of neighboring individuals. 2. Administration: a. Dr. McDade will be the sub-recipient PI, he will handle communication with NU administrative offices while looping Dr. Horton in on all communication. b. Dr. Horton will be the primary liaison with Dr. Pearson and other co-investigators on the project. She will have direct responsibility for the conduct of all work associated with the project. 3. Anthropometric and Biomarker Collection: Dr. Horton will also be responsible for training research staff members (enumerators) in all methods for the collection of anthropometric data and biomarker samples. She will visit MSU and Detroit prior to each wave of data collection to review methods and protocols with the enumerators to ensure collection of high quality data and adherence to safety standards. 4. Biomarker analyses: a. Dr. McDade has developed many of the assays and techniques that will be used in this study. In particular, he has developed the methods for using dried blood spots in the analysis of hormones and other biomarkers in population studies. As such, he will provide technical guidance on the assays to be used in this study. b. Dr. Horton will be responsible for conducting the biomarker assays. 5. Writing of manuscripts: Both Drs. Horton and McDade will participate in the writing of manuscripts. Dr. Horton will take the lead in preparing manuscript components describing anthropometric or biomarker data.
Effective start/end date8/1/197/31/24


  • Michigan State University (RC110102NWU Amnd 4 // 5R01CA239187-03)
  • National Cancer Institute (RC110102NWU Amnd 4 // 5R01CA239187-03)


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