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The objectives below highlight a consultant role for Dr Lisa Hirschhorn, Professor of Medical Social Sciences at Northwestern University in the Feinberg School of Medicine, to serve as Senior Director Implementation and Improvement Science (SDIIS) at Last Mile Health. In summary, the Senior Director Implementation and Improvement Science (SDIIS) is responsible for ensuring that what we measure, how we measure it, and how we use the results reflects the priorities and goals of LMH as an organization and its partners. The SDIIS is also responsible for working with and supporting the Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) Director(s) at LMH-supported programs to ensure that all research activities are executed in a rigorous and ethical manner, and that we apply the most appropriate methodology to monitor, evaluate and research across our work and use those data to inform and support improvement and dissemination and work to build capacity in these areas within LMH. The SDIIS will also manage engagement with academic partners related to research (e.g. Harvard Medical School and affiliated teaching hospitals or other academic partners), and represent the research, measurement and data utilization for improvement viewpoint through participation in organization-wide strategic, planning and coordination meetings, and supporting the MEL Director(s) as needed in similar work across LMH activities.
Effective start/end date7/1/186/30/24


  • Last Mile Health (AGMT 10/26/22)


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