Implementing an innovative suite of mobile applications for depression and anxiety.

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Statement of Work – Northwestern University Dr. David Mohr of Northwestern University will collaborate with Dr. Andrea Wittenborn to support the translation and cultural adaptation of IntelliCare for use in Mexico, and evaluate the efficacy of the adapted intervention. As the Subcontract PI, Dr. Mohr will: • Facilitate transfering the source code for the IntelliCare apps to our investigators in Mexico. • Provide oversight during the process of culturally adapting IntelliCare to ensure the refinements do not alter the core components of the apps. • Provide oversight during the implementation of IntelliCare in Mexico. • Teach a seminar to faculty and students at the Instituto Nacional de Psiquiatría in Mexico to build mHealth research capacity. • Contribute to publications that report findings from this project.
Effective start/end date1/1/184/30/19


  • Actualize Therapy, LLC (S51110000040313//R44MH114725)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (S51110000040313//R44MH114725)


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