Improved whole-brain spectroscopic MRI for radiation therapy planning

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STATEMENT OF WORK Dr. Cooper will work with the team to ensure the implementation, validation, documentation, and dissemination of software algorithms described in the proposal. Dr. Cooper has extensive experience with the development and validation of machine-learning algorithms, team-based software development approaches, containerization of software for portability, and the creation of re-usable and extensible software for the cancer research community. Deliverables Software tools will be developed in Python/C in collaboration with the team through an established and jointly maintained Github Organization. Software will be developed in compliance with standards that Dr. Cooper has established through his NCI Informatics Technology for Cancer Research (NCI-ITCR) awards (U24CA194362 and U01CA220401). Software will be documented using Git pages to support use and future development. Software tools will be containerized using Docker to permit portability of tools and reproduction of published results. Publications will be developed in collaboration with Emory and submitted to academic journals. Publications will be accompanied by software containers to enable reproduction of results where data protections permit.
Effective start/end date5/5/224/30/27


  • Emory University (A659518//9U01CA264039-04A1)
  • National Cancer Institute (A659518//9U01CA264039-04A1)


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