Improving PRO Interpretation at the Individual Level for Patients with Cancer using Conversational Agents and Data Visualization

  • Griffith, James W (PD/PI)
  • Sherlock, Phillip Raymond (Co-Investigator)

Project: Research project

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This project will enhance the individual-level interpretation of patient-reported outcome (PRO) assessment, while determining the added benefit of using embodied conversational agents (ECAs) to administer PROs. The team at Northwestern will be led by Dr Griffith PhD. He will coordination with Dr Bickmore and Dr Paasche-Orlow to provide overall leadership of the project. Dr. Griffith is a licensed clinical psychologist whose work focuses on clinical measurement and psychometrics. Co-leadership with multiple areas of expertise will produce an intrinsic multidisciplinary approach to this project. Northwestern will provide the following deliverables: 1) Assist in the creation of the study protocol, 2) Create the data analysis plan, in collaboration across the centers, 3) Carry out all data analysis, including describing study findings in manuscripts and scientific presentations, and 4) Assist in the posting of data, analysis code, and study protocols in open-science repositories.
Effective start/end date3/1/228/31/22


  • Boston Medical Center (6176-NWU-01 // 1R01CA271145-01)
  • National Cancer Institute (6176-NWU-01 // 1R01CA271145-01)


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