Increasing Production Capacity, Metabolomic Understanding, and Knowledge of Cancer Survivor Consumer Attitudes of Maple-Based Products for Health Promotion

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This producer/landowner education-focused project will leverage multiple, long-standing university/community-based partnerships to: 1) expand maple-sugaring activities at a national, nature-based cancer support nonprofit; 2) increase metabolomic understanding of sap chemical composition variation related to sap harvest timing and geographic region; and 3) advance producer knowledge of cancer survivor consumer attitudes and perceptions of using sap-related products for hydration and health promotion purposes. This proposed project involves a multidisciplinary scientific team of maple/forestry research experts from Michigan State University (MSU), food science chemists from the Illinois Institute of Technology (IIT), cancer survivorship outcomes researchers from Northwestern University (NU), and young adult cancer support non-profit partners from True North Treks (TNT). In partnership with MSU, Year 1 activities will focus on expansion of existing maple-sugaring activities and infrastructure supports at TNT’s nature retreat facility on a 127 acres of forestland in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. In partnership with IIT, Year 2 activities will focus on metabolomic analyses to understand sap nutrient composition unique to this geographical region (UP) and potential changes related to harvest timing. Finally, in partnership with NU, Year 3 activities will focus on engaging TNT’s young adult cancer survivor constituents from across the United States regarding their attitudes, perceptions, taste preferences, and opinions about using sap-related products for health promotion purposes. This multi-level, stakeholder-centered initiative holds great promise to advance our understanding and knowledge of regional/seasonal influences on sap nutrient composition and novel applications of sap-related products for health conscious consumers, such as young adult cancer survivors.
Effective start/end date9/30/229/29/25


  • Agricultural Marketing Service (AM22ACERIL1017-00)


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