Industrial Transformation Research Hub - Nanoscience Based Construction Material Manufacturing

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We are very pleased to work with Professor Wenhui Duan on ARC Research Hub for nanoscience based construction materials manufacturing. Considerable work has been done at Northwestern University on characterization and processing of nano materials in concrete. Professor Shah will help and guide research and its implementation dealing with nano science and nano engineering of cement based material. Nanoscale characterization with advanced instruments such as AFM and nano indentation is currently being done at Northwestern University for construction materials. These advances will be transferred to the ARC Research Hub. Northwestern University has developed processing techniques for dispersing carbon nano tube. This continuing reattach will help the proposed research in the Hub. Professor Shah has international involvement in research and knowledge transfer with nano science and engineering. From sample he is the cochair of sixth International Symposium on Nanotechnology in Construction Materials (NICOM6) to be held in Hong Kong. Professor will guide the implementation and technology trader of advances made by the Hub.
Effective start/end date12/15/1612/14/23


  • Monash University (Agmt 1/27/17)


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