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Senior Personnel Zaslow will contribute to the creation and running of IMSI in the following ways. He will help select the initial Scientific Advisory Committee (SAC) and the Board of Trustees (BoT). As chair of the Department of Mathematics at Northwestern, he will encourage faculty to participate in programs and communicate institute activities to members of his department. He will help to advertise IMSI to contacts to attract top-notch proposals. He will create and run outreach programs for IMSI, especially the Evanston Math Circle. He will help administer faculty and postdoc leaves and teaching releases. Finally, he will offer advice and expertise in all decisions prior to the establishment of IMSI and the installation of the SAC, BoT and associate directors. Participants at IMSI with projects related to work being done at Northwestern will be able to gain access to its world-class facilities, including computing resources, libraries, and research centers. They will be welcome to participate at seminars and colloquia of their host and all departments, as well as all other aspects of the intellectual life of the university. The Evanston Math Circle (EMC) is in its eighth year serving the greater Evanston community. Senior Personnel Zaslow co-created it and co-organizes it. Primarily focused at the middle-school level, EMC gives students a window into mathematical thinking that they cannot receive through their regular curricula. With additional funding from the proposal, EMC will work with IMSI staff to grow its network of contacts and expand operations to have a greater community reach. It will further work with IMSI directors and programmers to introduce new content aimed at appreciating the connection between mathematical and statistical theory and real-world applications.
Effective start/end date8/1/207/31/25


  • The University of Chicago (AWD101336 (SUB00000418) 2 // 1929348)
  • National Science Foundation (AWD101336 (SUB00000418) 2 // 1929348)


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