Integrated Reward-Circadian Rhythm Model of First Onset of Bipolar Spectrum Disorders in Adolescence

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The Affective & Clinical Neuroscience Laboratory at Northwestern University directed by MPI Dr. Nusslock has extensive experience using neuroimaging to examine brain systems underlying risk for mood disorders. The Center for Circadian and Sleep Medicine directed by Co-I Dr. Zee has expertise in studying circadian function (e.g., dim light melatonin onset) and understanding the mechanisms that link alterations in sleep, circadian rhythms, and sleep disorders with mental and physical health conditions. Drs. Nusslock and Zee and their respective laboratories will perform at least 5 functions for the grant. These include: 1. Managing and supervising the project’s technician at the Northwestern Site. 2. Regularly meeting with the project MPI, Co-I, and personnel at the Temple site. 3. Preprocessing and analysis of structural and functional MRI data. 4. Providing conceptual and mechanistic basis for linkages between reward processing and social and circadian rhythm disruption in risk for bipolar symptoms. 5. Participate in analysis and interpretation of data, and co-author manuscripts that result. Dr. Nusslock and his research team, as well as Dr. Zee will regularly meet with PI Alloy as needed to complete the above goals.
Effective start/end date9/1/216/30/26


  • Temple University (267715-NWU Amd 2 // 5R01MH126911-03)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (267715-NWU Amd 2 // 5R01MH126911-03)


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