Integration of Science Outreach into the Research Enterprise: Data-Driven Perspectives

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The goal of the proposed work between Northwestern University and Rockefeller University is to examine how science outreach currently exists within scientific research infrastructure. Dr. Jeanne Garbarino and I propose to explore the perceived value of science outreach and perception of science outreach professionals amongst members of the scientific community. In addition, we hope to identify the motivations or limitations which influence participation in science outreach. Lastly, we will examine the current culture and climate of science outreach as a distinct profession. Using crowd-sourced research methodologies, we will harness the collective experience and expertise of attendees at the first national meeting of science outreach practitioners.
Effective start/end date11/1/194/30/21


  • Rockefeller University (SMA-1854018)
  • National Science Foundation (SMA-1854018)


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