Intensive Combination Approach to Rollback the Epidemic (iCARE) in Nigerian Adolescents

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This application brings together a strong and experienced multidisciplinary research team. Closely tied to the national priorities in Nigeria’s National HIV/AIDS Strategic Framework for 2017-21, this application is anchored in infrastructure developed over 12 years of a very successful U.S-Nigeria HIV-centered academic partnership supported by the NIH/Fogarty HIV Research Training and Capacity Building Program. We have added a U.S. team with an excellent track record in adolescent HIV care & research, as well as HIV intervention development, including the TxtTxt intervention adapted for use in this study. In collaboration with PEPFAR/CDC-supported institutions in Ibadan, Lagos and Jos, we propose to test two combination interventions among youths aged 15 (the age of transition to adult HIV clinic in Nigeria) to 24 years, as follows:
Aim 1: Develop manualized interventions for: (a) HIV testing and linkage & (b) HIV care outcomes (e.g. retention in care, ART adherence and viral suppression) among youth age 15-24 years in Ibadan, Nigeria using a combination approach including theoretically-grounded peer navigation and mHealth components well-supported by the literature.
Aim 2: Each combination intervention will be pilot tested at the University of Ibadan for acceptability, feasibility and initial efficacy.
Effective start/end date9/6/188/31/20


  • National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (3UG3HD096920-02S1)

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