Interaction and Perception: Multi-Source Spectral Framework for Human-Swarm Collaboration

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This project will develop human-swarm collaboration algorithms to enable swarms to augment human perception, to form the basis for interfaces between decision-makers and swarms, and provide assessment of human operators in a variety of settings. The project will use spectral representations of human sensing and operational objectives as the foundation for developing these algorithms. Coupling spectral methods with model-based control distributed across a swarm will connect operational need to individual agent behavior. The project will develop swarm behavior in a virtual environment to anticipate an operator’s sensing and perception needs based on sensing (e.g., line of sight, distance-based visual acuity, unanticipated occlusion). Interfaces based on touchscreen interfaces, including haptic interfaces. These capabilities will allow warfighters to have better information in situ while simultaneously providing operational decision makers intuitive interfaces that are invariant with respect to the size of the swarm.
Effective start/end date5/20/192/19/20


  • Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific (N660011924024)


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