Interdisciplinary Research Leaders Cohort Six - 2021

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Through a qualitative case study, the research team will seek to answer the following research questions: is there evidence to suggest that participation in the Cost of Dignity Fellowship (1) increases well-being for returning citizens? (e.g., improved physical and mental health, increased access to housing, employment, and educational opportunities, increased sense of purpose and social connectiveness, reduced recidivism); (2) promotes civic, social, and/or political knowledge and engagement among returning citizens? (e.g., increased participation in community organizing activities, meetings with policymakers, legislative hearings, etc.); and (3) leads to community mobilization and policy change in the criminal justice reform space? The research team will also document the process by which the program is developed and implemented, as well the backgrounds and experiences of participants that may influence the program's effect.
Effective start/end date11/1/2110/31/24


  • Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (79117)


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