Internet-based Speech Therapy: Improving Quality of Life and Access to Care

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Language impairment (aphasia) is a common symptom in clinical dementia of the Alzheimer’s type (DAT) and the defining feature of primary progressive aphasia (PPA). Both of these clinical syndromes can be caused by Alzheimer’s pathology. There are currently no treatments to reverse the degenerative process. However, speech language therapy (SLT), may offer benefit to the patient’s quality of life. Unfortunately, there are barriers to accessing care; since few speech therapists are aware of the possible benefits and/or comfortable providing care to those with dementia. The goal of this project is to improve access to care for dementia patients by providing Internet-based video SLT sessions and to identify the most effective therapy methods. 40 PPA and DAT (with aphasia symptoms) patients and their informants will receive an initial evaluation, 8 therapy sessions and three post-treatment evaluations (to determine the duration of therapy benefit).
Effective start/end date10/1/139/30/16


  • National Alzheimer's Association (ETAC-13-280535)


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