Internet Psychotherapy for Treating Bipolar Disorder in Primary Care

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The Northwestern site will be responsible for implementing the infrastructure that allows the Pittsburgh site to 1. Develop a prototype patient-facing web based intervention that allows the patients to review didactic content, engage in small interactive activities that and track SRM data. SRM data will presented in graphs for the patient. 2. Develop the ability to send text or email reminders to patients for the completion of SRM tracking. 3. Create a History of Illness Timeline. 4. Create a CMS that allows for content modification and adjustment in real time. 5. Create a researcher/case manager dashboard that allows researchers to monitor their study, including content accessed and completed, activities completed and SRM tracked. 6. Northwestern will provide assistance in developing usability testing protocols and analysis of data. In addition to Northwestern’s responsibilities listed above, the following parties will be responsible for the following assets and labor: 1. Northwestern will provide server hosting and maintenance for system described above. This will consist of a typical Ubuntu Linux server hosted on the Northwestern network. 2. Northwestern will provide training and guidance to Pittsburgh in the framework so that Pittsburgh can create web-facing materials such as didactic materials, reminders and so on. 3. Pittsburgh will be responsible for providing the textual and visual content and adding it to the CMS. 4. Pittsburgh will primarily be responsible for acquiring any DNS domain names. Northwestern will provide assistance mapping those domains to point to Northwestern servers (see #1 above). 5. Pittsburgh will be solely responsible for recruitment & compensation of research subjects. 6. Northwestern will provide a reasonable amount of support assisting Pittsburgh using the system. This support can take the form of user & developer documentation as well as e-mail or phone assistance needed to help the core Pittsburgh staff begin using the intervention. Any core modifications made to the system that are not specific to the IPSRT elements such as the dashboard design, didactic content and supporting web assets will become the property of Pittsburgh.
Effective start/end date7/13/154/30/18


  • University of Pittsburgh (0046483(126383-1)//1R34MH107541-03)
  • National Institute of Mental Health (0046483(126383-1)//1R34MH107541-03)


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