Investigating the role of a novel THAP11-HCF1 complex in human breast cancer

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The overall objective of this proposal is to test the hypothesis that THAP11-HCF1 functions by regulating a novel set of target genes in breast cancerprogression. The extended objective is to develop this application further with support from Lynn Sage Foundation for consideration as a key project in SPORE submission by our cancer center. The specific goal is to determine the target gene signature of HCF1 and to unequivocally establish that THAP11-HCF1 is a novel regualtor of breast cancer cell proliferation and metastasis. Knowledge obtained from the proposed studies should help in future rational drug design targeting THAP11-HCF1 complex and its transcriptone.
Effective start/end date9/1/128/31/14


  • Northwestern Memorial Foundation (Agmt 9/25/12)


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