IPA For Todd Parrish: Neural Target Identification for Functional Disability Associated with Alcohol Related Characteristics Among Veterans with Co-occurring AUD+mTBI

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Our long-term research goal is to [customize and clinically implement] a rTMS treatment that modulates brain dysfunction to enhance functional recovery among Veterans with AUD+mTBI. The objectives of this pro-posal are to identify [neural substrates characteristic of AUD+mTBI and then use these substrates as rTMS treatment targets to test preliminary efficacy and sustainability] of a high frequency rTMS protocol applied to these customized targets relative to the commonly used left dorsolateral prefrontal cortex (DLPFC). Alcohol-related characteristics are defined here as AUD symptoms and outcomes such as alcohol use and craving. Our central hypothesis is that for Veterans with AUD+mTBI, there are neural substrates of alcohol addiction related to functional disability, and that neuromodulation of these substrates will be related to more gains in global func-tion when compared to the left DLPFC. This hypothesis is based on existing literature and our preliminary data demonstrating relationships between alcohol-related characteristics, functional disability, and multi-modal neu-roimaging metrics.
Effective start/end date1/1/2012/31/21


  • Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital (Agmt 578/151)


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