Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Outreach for Young Scholars Program and College Scholarship Program

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In FY 2015 JKC Outreach grant/contract will be used to: • Ensure that low-income, high ability students are aware of the opportunities that JKCF provides. • Offer fee waivers for low-income, high ability students to take above-grade-level testing through NUMATS. • Help low-income high ability students complete the JKC YS scholarship application. • Seek qualified students for Center for Talent Development Programs, to enrich and challenge students and prepare students for JKC scholarship opportunities. The overall 2014-2015 Outreach budget for both programs is $168,838.00. For FY2015 the Foundation is moving from a contract with CTD to a combination of a contract and a grant, which will mean that two agreements will need to be reviewed and signed. • The grant period runs from June 1, 2014 through May 31, 2015 • The full grant will be paid shortly after June 1, 2014. • In addition, the contract payments will be in two installments; the first installment after June 1, 2014 after receiving the end of the year narrative and budget and the second installment in January 2015 after CTD submits its mid-year report. • The contract will focus on specific JKCF outreach. The Foundation’s grant portion will support CTD’s overall outreach and identification of low-income, high-achieving youth. • JKCF also requests CTD’s determination letter from the IRS. Outreach activities for the JKC programs (YS and CS) are specific to finding students who are academically talented and have high potential, but also have a great need for financial support in order to fulfill that academic potential. • Email/Mail to CTD students about the YS and CS application, sent specifically to 7th graders and rising 12th graders. • Email/Mail/Call to CTD school contacts about the YS and CS application requesting them to notify their students and educators. • Email/Mail/Call to organizations that work with low-income students in school and out of s
Effective start/end date6/1/147/31/15


  • Jack Kent Cooke Foundation (Agreement 8/2/14)


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