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We have selected KPMB Architects, one of North America’s premier firms, to design an innovative ecosystem of gathering spaces and learning environments to embody our culture of collaborative learning and bold thinking. The 385,000-square-foot campus is anchored on Chicago’s stunning lakefront ensuring the new building is infused throughout with natural light and fresh air. Open and inviting communal spaces will enable spontaneous idea sharing and a flexible design will continuously support evolving teaching styles and research needs. From KIN Global, a summit gathering 200 international delegates to explore how innovation creates prosperity, to Live-In Week, which convenes students from Kellogg’s international partner schools with domestic Executive MBA students, the building is designed to operate as Kellogg’s global headquarters, welcoming students and thought leaders from around the world. In recognition for the Designated Grant from the Japan Foundation, which will help to fund construction costs for the whole of our Global Hub, the Research Seminar Room – a 500-square-foot, dynamic space to host international student conferences and lectures, and to provide a forum for cultural exchange for international student clubs, such as the Kellogg Club of Japan – will be named for the Shoji Uehara family.
Effective start/end date2/1/1412/31/16


  • Japan Foundation (25CE 254)


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