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For this study, Dr. Michelle Birkett and her research team (herein referred to as the “Subcontractor”) shall collaborate with the University of Chicago JCOIN Methods Core/MAARC (herein referred to as the “Prime”) and shall be responsible for the following scope of work: Social Network Module Implementation & Deployment The Subcontractor will assist in the implementation and deployment of a social network module developed within the Network Canvas software suite, an NIH-funded digital social network data capture tool directed by Site PI/Co-I Dr. Michelle Birkett and Co-I Dr. Gregory Phillips II. The Subcontractor shall collaborate with the research team at the Prime and the University of Kentucky to implement an already designed social network measure into a Network Canvas Interview Protocol, and assist in the deployment of the module to three existing NIDA-supported cohorts (Staton JCOIN, Pollack JCOIN, and Pho ETHIC). To ensure smooth uptake of the tool, the Subcontractor will work closely with the Prime and representatives from the three sites to identify and address any technical obstacles that arise during the initial deployment. The Subcontractor will also assist in small modifications of the social network module for subsequent waves of data collection within the project. Technical Assistance & Maintenance The Subcontractor will provide limited ongoing technical assistance to the three cohort sites throughout the duration of the study. A data assistant from Site PI Dr. Birkett’s team will serve as a technical liaison to the Prime and study sites to field all software-related inquiries and will work closely with the Network Canvas development team to identify and resolve any emergent bugs in the software reported to the study team. The Subcontractor will provide training materials on the technical use of software, survey administration, and data exporting to each study site to support study personnel in the data collection procedures. The Subcontractor will also communicate with Prime personnel throughout the duration of the study, as necessary. Project Collaboration The Subcontractor shall participate in regular team meetings with the Prime throughout the duration of the study. Within the initial implementation, these meetings may be up to weekly, as necessary. Once deployed, meetings are expected to reduce frequency to biweekly or monthly. Dissemination As the Network Canvas software is NIH-funded, any manuscripts which result from the Social Network Module would cite the Network Canvas Software or acknowledge the NIH grant (R01DA042711) which supported the development of the tool. Furthermore, as it is important for the Network Canvas team to show the use and usability of our software, we request that a small subset of cohort participants receive a short usability measure (< 2 minutes), and that our team receive access to basic de-identified interview metadata of study participants (e.g. the time to complete the survey, the number of alters entered). Finally, the Subcontractor would be kept apprised of the findings being produced by the network data and be invited to participate in dissemination activities where appropriate. -- Any major software changes, new features (including longitudinal feature development), continued training of study sites past the initial implementation, or any network data management assistance from the Subcontractor will require an additional budget and timeline.
Effective start/end date2/1/215/31/22


  • The University of Chicago (AWD100228 (SUB00000487) // 1U2CDA050098-01 REVISED)
  • National Institute on Drug Abuse (AWD100228 (SUB00000487) // 1U2CDA050098-01 REVISED)


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