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    The purposes of Children and Family Justice Center, Northwestern University Law School Bluhm Clinic’s specific role in the grant from Public Welfare Foundation to Juvenile Law Center is as follows: • Collaborate with JLC and Rutgers as the “core team” (aka summit idea originators) on all aspects of the summit including securing funding, preparation, hosting and post summit work. • Meet regularly with core team. • Continue working on creating a 50-state survey and then analyze the results which will inform both the application process as well as the summit agenda. • Update case law regarding the juvenile sex offender registry nationwide • Work with JLC and Rutgers to plan the summit including: o Hosting the summit at Northwestern o Arranging hotel accommodations o Securing space, IT support and any additional support that is needed on site from the University. o Designing the application approach and protocol o Based on the decisions regarding application approach, create an application process and form o Screening and selecting participants o Developing the agenda o Creating and disseminating the materials o Identifying and securing summit speakers o Identifying and securing note takes for the summit o Determine what document, report, notes, will be drafted following the summit and then participate as required in drafting and disseminating post summit materials to participants o Decide with other conveners whether summit materials should be disseminated to other states’ which did not participate in the summit o Provide, as needed, technical assistance to summit participants
    Effective start/end date5/1/199/30/21


    • Juvenile Law Center (BIEHL-AGMT 03/17/21)
    • Public Welfare Foundation (BIEHL-AGMT 03/17/21)


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