Kanatzidis - EAGER: Enabling Quantum Leap: Driven Non-Equilibrium Room Temperature Quantum States

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The creation of LLCs from the excited-states of molecules will mark the creation of quantum states of matter that are robust without cryogenics. At room temperature, where delicate quantum states easily collapse, these LLCs will be remarkably robust to external perturbations while in the presence of a strong driving field. Since the LLC and its measurement take place on a sub-nanosecond time scale, many of the deleterious processes that plague ground-state systems are eliminated, creating a powerful and robust quantum platform for a wide range of applications in QIS. These research aims will be naturally integrated with an educational plan that seeks to advance undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral training. The mechanism of this program is the development of online tutorial courses and outreach work that will promote science learning to a wide audience of young people from all economic and social backgrounds.
Effective start/end date7/15/1812/31/21


  • National Science Foundation (DMR-1838507)


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