Klug, Zasu Marie IPA

Project: Research project

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Ms. Klug's primary duties will include assisting in the organization of the data collection process and data management, assist with the collection of statistical data on all subjects as provided for the research protocol, help to assure high quality data collection in accordance with this study protocol, assists in the development of research methodologies and procedures for collection of data, assist in preparing instructions for data collection and sample selection, preparing forms and instructions for data compilation, contribute ideas and suggestions to all phases of the research study, maintain study related documentation, submit reports on study progress, filing systems, collecting coding, and entering data from questionnaires, and/or interviews into database and recruiting scheduling, and screening, interviewing, and administering clinical tests to subjects. In addition to this, she will also be involved in consenting and obtaining of samples from subjects.
Effective start/end date5/1/209/30/20


  • Jesse Brown VA Medical Center (AGMT 10/9/20)


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