Landmark Analysis of Radiologic Response to Radioembolization

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1. Analysis of data from patients treated with prominent LRTs including TheraSphere for the treatment of liver cancer. Data to be collected include baseline demographics, tumor staging, pertinent past medical history, treatment outcomes, adverse event incidence and management, liver transplant data, time-to-progression of disease, survival data, and others. The main endpoint of the data review will be the production of peer-reviewed publications to advance the understanding of LRT for liver cancer. Such contributions to the literature would improve management strategies for this prevalent disease and allow for advancement of guidelines for advanced HCC. 2. Through existing data acquisition, further evaluate and report survival benefit in patients who have responded to TheraSphere as an extension of the outcomes and methodology reported in Memon et al, 2011. The primary objective of data acquisition will be the submission of manuscript(s) to peer-reviewed journals for publication to advance the understanding of TheraSphere for liver cancer.
Effective start/end date3/24/163/23/18


  • Biocompatibles UK Ltd. (Agmt 3/24/16)


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