Light-sheet imaging of 3D bioprinted islet organoids structure and function

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Type I diabetes is a devastating disorder where pancreatic cells that produce insulin (beta cells) are destroyed by the autoimmune system. While insulin replacement can control hyperglycemia and delay the progression of some complications, it does not cure the disease—islet transplantation from cadaver donor can help, but the longevity of transplants and availability is limited. Renewable, stem-cell based applications are urgently needed. This proposal focuses on structural and functional screening of new generation 3D printed pancreatic organoids (Wang lab) using new methods in oblique plane light-sheet microscopy (Kozorovitskiy lab) that enable gentle and rapid 3D imaging of organoid function and structure, to optimize differentiation and maintenance protocols. The major biological goal is to create organoids that can be effectively vascularized in the host to enhance graft longevity, to be tested in vivo in future directions.
Effective start/end date8/1/217/31/23


  • Research Corporation (AGMT 11/8/21)


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