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Lithium-ion batteries overheating and exploding due to thermal runaway is a major pain point for
lithium-ion batteries users who must have 100% safe batteries or face significant losses. LiOnSafe
is a lithium-ion battery separator that would be used by battery manufacturers to prevent lithiumion
batteries explosions and overheating by controlling the heat generated at the atomic level.
LiOnSafe technology makes all lithium ion batteries safer, allowing for their integration in high
stress environments that require 100% certainty (airplanes, electric vehicles, consumer electronics,
military electronics). Additionally, all lithium-ion batteries need separators, so LiOnSafe does not
add additional weight to the battery, unlike many other safety protections, and this allows for the
removal of heavy contraptions that contain lithium-ion battery explosions.
LiOnSafe technology can be easily integrated into every lithium-ion battery and is non-disruptive
in respect from a battery manufacturer’s point of view. Basic battery separators are already
employed in lithium-ion batteries, requiring no change in the battery manufacturing process.
Effective start/end date4/1/16 → 12/31/16


  • National Collegiate Inventors and Innovators Alliance, Inc. (14552-16)


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