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The transfer of funds to project investigators at Northwestern University’s Department of Medical Social Sciences will allow for all project aims to be completed within the contract Term (i.e. 3/1/18 – 8/31/18) Specifically, the transfer of funds and Evergreen NCE will support completion of three project substudies (“Milestones”): (1) the LivingWell Cancer Resource Center Study is assessing the impact of LivingWell Cancer Resource Center services on participant’s reported outcomes; (2) the LivingWell Social Work Impact Study is assessing the impact of Oncology Social Work (OSW) services on cancer survivors’ distress and coping; and (3) the LivingWell Distress Screening Initiative Study is evaluating retrospective data on patient-reported distress screening assessments of adult patients receiving oncology treatment, including how patients’ distress screening scores are related to their subsequent utilization of healthcare services. The funds will support the efforts of principal investigator, Dr. Sofia Garcia; the study coordinator, Ms. Fisher; and the study statistician. These efforts will result in completion of data accrual, analysis, and interpretation; as well as dissemination of study results via final reports, manuscripts, and presentations after completion of each or all three Milestones.
Effective start/end date3/1/188/31/18


  • Living Well Cancer Resource Center (AGREEMENT 6/11/18)


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