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    Given the CFJC’s strong leadership, demonstrated management ability and excellent relationships within our parent institution, the CFJC is equipped to deploy and leverage resources at a far greater scale than our current budget provides. In the same vein, our vast network of contacts and partners – both on the front lines and at the tables of power – allow us to share and grow our insights and innovations exponentially. Even a small increase in our staffing or funding is instantly multiplied via this network; a gift on the scale of the MACEI would have tremendous and extremely far reaching effects – translating immediately into better advocacy and better outcomes for children across the country. In addition, as part of our core mission is to build capacity and leadership abilities in other advocates and juvenile justice organizations, an investment in our infrastructure will not only enhance the visibility and permanence of our own reform work but also have a significant ripple effect throughout various juvenile justice systems. Finally, Northwestern Law School, acknowledging the enormity and importance of the MACEI, has committed to establishing and funding an ongoing CFJC fellowship position. This position will not only allow us to attract and help shape the next generation of juvenile justice leaders but, given the small size of our staff, also considerably amplify our capacity.
    Effective start/end date2/1/138/31/14


    • John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation (12-103001-000-MCI)


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