Magnetically-Controlled Laser-Induced Plasma Micro-Machining (MC-LIPMM) for Micro-hole Drilling and Surface Treating of Metals and Ceramics

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An advanced hybrid process variant of the LIPMM process is developed for micro-feature machining and micro-hole drilling. MC-LIPMM will effectively overcome the limitations of conventional laser ablation processes and offer capabilities and outcomes in terms of precision, material removal rate and speed not attainable by ablation. Since the shape and density of the plasma is greatly determined by an external magnetic field, MC-LIPMM provides the possibility to machine irregular shaped micro-features by an altering the intensity and spatial distribution of the magnetic field. Solutions and systems for the manipulation of the plasma to alter its shape and energy density will be explored. A prototype system will be developed and case studies provided to demonstrate the feasibility of MC-LIPMM. Preliminary fundamental physical models will be formulated, and experimental verification will be performed afterwards. Verification will predominantly focus on difficult-to-process materials, e.g., Ti- and Ni-alloys and ceramics. Through this project, not only can the technological level be improved, but also young scientific talents with high level will be trained.
Effective start/end date9/1/183/5/21


  • Beijing Institute of Aeronautical Materials (agreement 8/29/18)


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